Internet Banking

Offshore Fund Online Banking Service gives you unrestricted and secure access to your account, anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet, smart phones or any internet-enabled devices. It is your bank on the go!

Features & Benefits

  • • Access to your qualifying accounts 24/7 (subject to planned maintenance periods)
  • Even when the banking doors are closed and there is no one to attend to your phone call, access to your qualifying accounts is still there

  • • View your qualifying account balances & track your transactions

When you know exactly how much you have in your qualifying accounts, it’s a lot easier to keep tabs on your finances.

  • • Make transfers between eligible qualifying accounts

Transfer money between your accounts of the same currency as long as they are listed on Internet Banking.

  • • Make payments to friends & organisations

Move money to your friends and family whether they have accounts with Offshore Fund UK or other banks globally. Paying those bills cannot be easier with Internet Banking. Payments are usually processed by Faster Payments but we also allow you to make payments by CHAPS online!

  • • Mobile friendly

You now have a familiar but easy interface to conduct Internet Banking on the go with your mobile devices.

  • • Manage personal details

Without putting a call through to us or coming to the banking hall, you can update your details easily without hassles as long as you are a UK resident. Non UK residents are only able to update email addresses and telephone numbers.

  • • Extended security features

Our online login process seeks to prevent unauthorised access because we take the security of your accounts very seriously

  • • Generate online account statements

Generate statements for your qualifying accounts for any period of your choice. We place no limits on how far back you can go.

  • • Make international payments to most countries in the world

Easily pass us an instruction to make your cross border payments in qualifying currencies. This service is available via internet banking and operates on most weekdays

  • • Send us secure messages

Send us secure messages from within Internet Banking and we will know it is from you

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Please confirm what limit is applicable to you. You may need to give an instruction and execute indemnity at any of our Business Office for higher limits.

Yes, when you enroll for FCTBank’s Internet Banking Service, you Can specify which accounts you want access to over the internet and can have access to all of them using one single user ID.

Internet Banking is protected with the best-in-class security technology. To further protect your profile, do not share your credentials with anyone, do not click on any suspicious link, when you are in doubt, always contact

Getting started again is easy! Click forgot user ID? To retrieve your user ID, then, click forgot password? to retrieve your password. Now, you are good to go.

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